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At Yumeiho Center we offer therapies for different pain conditions and posture problems.

Yumeiho is a Japanese rehabilitation method, which uses deep tissue massage and Sei Tai (joint manipulation) techniques to correct and balance the vertebral column and pelvis which helps to lead to the removal of illness and the organism’s ability to heal itself.

In the course of a therapy session all regions of the body are massaged, and all joints are manipulated in a natural and painless way. Yumeiho therapy is focused on correcting the position of the vertebral column and pelvis, which leads to better posture, decreased muscle tension, back and foot pain, improved internal organ function and faster metabolism.

After a therapy session You will feel reborn – Your feet will feel light, body and mind fresh and rested. In case of chronic pain and long-term posture problems, we recommend a 10-15 session therapy to relieve the symptoms.

Women who have trouble getting pregnant or are in danger of miscarriage, we recommend 5 therapy sessions, after which we continue with a fertility therapy cycle linked to the menstrual cycle.

Yumeiho therapy is performed on a mat on the floor, through clothes.
Please wear or bring comfortable sports clothes and socks.

SA Yumeiho Center Services

The purpose of the posture control is to prevent and improve any posture problems during the growth stage of children, as well as prevent scoliosis.

Yumeiho Yobouigaku Taikei® 
The posture control is performed by Maciej Dluski PhD Eng./Yumeiho Shihan (7dan). Dr. Dluski has been a Yumeiho therapist for over 30 years, and a Yumeiho trainer since 1990. He is a certified Japan Yumeiho Center representative in Europe. Dr. Dluski has been working on preventing children’s scoliosis for years, seeing patients in many Polish cities for consultation and posture control. His practice has shown that there has been a 70% healing rate from scoliosis in children in growing age.

Is this control for my child necessary?
Often children do not complain about problems or pain they are having. Posture problems and asymmetric body development lead to problems as they age. If You see asymmetries in Your child’s shoulder blades, collar bones, etc., please come in for an appointment. With a nonprofessional eye it is often difficult to detect asymmetries, therefore if in doubt, we do recommend You come in for a posture control.

An asymmetric pelvis is in many cases the cause of posture problems and scoliosis as well as other unknown pains. More than 80% of children have a tilted pelvis. In case of a C-shaped scoliosis, a pelvic adjustment and later systematic check-ups are enough. In case of S-shaped scoliosis, the therapy sessions are very important, especially for growing children.
The purpose of the therapy is to hold the growing pelvis symmetrical and vertebral column straight. Yumeiho therapy has improved countless cases of scoliosis. Every scoliosis case is individual, and the results depend on many different circumstances.

A control consists of an interview, visual inspection, and palpation. During the control the patient is lying on a mat in comfortable clothes and it is completely painless.
Please wear or bring comfortable sports clothes and socks.

If You have any X-ray, MRI or other test results, we recommend You bring them with You. During the control, Dr. Dluski will assess the state of posture and give recommendation, whether and how often Yumeiho therapy is necessary to achieve the best results.
This control is only performed in Estonia at Sinu Arst Children’s Center

Duration: 15-20 minutes.

This form of therapy has been developed for children with posture problems.

The therapy is performed on a mat on the floor, the parent may be present during the session. The child will wear comfortable athletic clothes during the session.
Please bring with You comfortable athletic clothes and socks.

The more common pains and complaints which lead to children seeking therapy are headaches, different joint pains, painful menstruation for girls.

Duration: 20 minutes

We recommend Yumeiho therapy for anyone experiencing head, neck, back, foot, hip aches, joint and muscle pains, as well as for women experiencing painful menstruation. It is also for people looking to relax and feeling of lightness.

The therapy is meant for all adults except pregnant women. It is also not recommended until 6 months after giving birth, having surgery or major trauma.

Please bring with You comfortable athletic clothes and socks.

Duration: 45-55 minutes

This is a form of Yumeiho therapy developed by Saionji Masayuki. It is meant for women who are medically decleared healthy, but fo some unknown reason are not able to conceive.

The package consists of an initial appointment and four therapy sessions: 1 regular session (up to 60 minutes) and 3 short sessions (up to 15 minutes). The sessions are linked to the menstrual cycle, which means that when necessary, the therapist will also be available to do a session on a Saturday or Sunday.
Therapy is performed on a mat on the floor.

Please bring with You comfortable athletic clothes and socks.


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    SA Yumeiho Center Fees

    Yumeiho therapist Dr. Maceij Dluski appointment for posture control of children (initial) 

    70,00 €

    Yumeiho therapist Dr. Maceij Dluski appointment for posture control of children (further) 

    50,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for child

    30,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for child (10 visits)

    270,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for child (20 visits)

    540,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for adult

    65,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for adult (5 visits)

    293,00 €

    Yumeiho therapy for adult (10 visits)

    585,00 €

    Yumeiho fertility therapy package

    293,00 €

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