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Please find here the services, fees, and staff of the SA Nutrition Clinic.

At SA Nutrition Clinic we offer professional and science-based nutritional counseling for both the healthy and those with health problems, based on the client’s individual health status, specialties, way of life and physiological needs. In addition to therapeutic and regular nutritional counseling we also evaluate body composition and the macro- and micro-nutrient content of the clients’ menus. In case of illnesses, we help to put together a therapeutic nutrition plan based on the complaints. If needed, we will run the necessary tests (blood, functional, intolerance evaluation, etc.) based on the health status.

Nutrition Doctor (MD)
The nutrition doctor advises people based on the diagnoses, helping them put together a supporting or healing therapeutic nutrition plan. The nutrition doctor helps to determine whether and to what extent the patient’s complaints are related to their food choices. If necessary, the doctor will assign extra tests and correct or designate treatment.

The nutritionist advises the client based on scientific nutrition and exercise guidance for maintaining and improving health and preventing illnesses. They help the client understand the nutrition information, make the right choices based on the physiological needs of the client, correct the level of physical activity and put together a balanced individual nutrition plan.

SA Nutritrion Clinic Services

Nutrition doctor will approach every client individually, considering clients medical history and possible medical concerns. The purpose of the appointment is to improve patient’s current medical health.

Duration: 60 minutes

During a recurring visit, goals and test results (weight, body composition test, blood pressure, changes in blood tests and other relevant medical data) are reviewed. The general state of health and changes are assessed, and further steps are agreed.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

The nutritionist will create a food and action plan based on the personal needs and goals of the client. Also the nutritionist will give a science-based overview of the principles of healthy lifestyle.

Duration: 90 minutes

During a recurring visit, the test results (weight, BMI, body composition test, changes in medical data) are discussed and analysed, goals are reviewed. The general state of health and changes are assessed, and client feedback is mapped. If necessary, nutrition and activity plans are altered, and choices regarding food supplements, medical procedures and specialist consultations are discussed.

New goals and further steps are being set and agreed between the nutritionist and a client.

Additionally, recommendations are discussed to involve the client’s social network as to support a healthy way of living.

Duration: 30-60 minutes

A short consultation is a good way to get advice if questions arise after a nutritional doctor’s or nutritionist’s appointment, and quickly get additional information regarding a health problem and possible solutions to it.

A short consultation does not include a thorough health analysis but is rather focused on one particular aspect.

Duration: 15 minutes

Together with nutrition doctor Kristel Ehala-Aleksejev, the client will determine whether his/her food choices support an active lifestyle and athletic activities and learn to improve the composition of the nutrition plan based on the needs of the body and the training load.
Additionally, the nutrition analysis will give information regarding the need for any dietary supplements based on the chosen sport. Taking into account the training load and frequency, the client will also be given advice on the health indicators to keep an eye on.

If necessary, the health status and personal needs can be evaluated with additional tests.

Duration: 60 minutes

We invite adults who have been diagnosed with diabetes but have trouble with blood sugar fluctuations, obesity, possible problems with diabetic nutrition and a desire to improve their health to see our dietitian.

Please bring along: 

  1. 4 day journal of blood sugar readings. Measure before eating and 2 hours after eating (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  2. 3-5 day food diary.
  3. Diabetes treatment scheme.

If necessary, we can run tests for more accurate results.
Our goal: to ensure the best quality of life through healthy eating habits.

Duration: 60 minutes

We invite people who wish to consult regarding the best healthy way of life and nutrition before and after pregnancy or IVF, in order to support the development and health of their own as well as their unborn child.

If necessary, we can run tests for more accurate results.

Duration: 60 minutes

This service is oriented at people who are physically active every day and wish to support their healthy lifestyle through more informed nutrition choices.

In order to maintain both physical and emotional good health, an active way of life requires the achievement of balance between work, resting, sleeping, and sports. To be productive, achieve their set goals, recover quickly, avoid injury and exhaustion requires regular and need-based supply of energy and nutrients through varied food.

Duration: initial 90 min / reoccurring 60 min

Nutritional counseling for those who do not consume food of animal origin or wish to give up their consumption in the future. Although a whole vegetarian diet has been found to have many positive health effects, there are certain principles to be followed in order to reap these benefits and not simply eliminate meat/dairy/egg products from an already meager diet. Counseling helps to better understand the basics and health effects of a healthy whole plant diet.

In addition, you can check your health status using a special package of blood tests prepared for vegetarians.

Duration: initial 90 min / recurring 60 min

The nutritionist will do a thorough 5-day menu analysis using a special program. The analysis will give an overview of the distribution and quantities of the main nutrients, and any deviations from balanced, organism-supporting nutrition. It will also help detect any deviations in macro and micronutrients (e.g. a deficit of a particular mineral or vitamin, or high cholesterol content).

The price includes the analysis of the menu by the nutritionist (60 min) and a written summary and a 15-minute consultation with the client, during which the nutritionist discusses the results of the analysis and offers personalized nutrition recommendations to balance the menu.

Body composition is indicators are measured by a special method of bio-electrical impedance analysis, which is a quick, accurate, and non intrusive method.
The measurements show the weight of the body, body fat percentage, muscle mass, skeletal mass, base metabolism value, body mass index, visceral fat level (the dangerous type of fat) and metabolic age, or the real biological age of the body.

Duration: 15 min

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SA Nutrition Clinic is located in our City Center Clinic at Tallinn, Narva mnt 7, 1st stairway, 3. floor.

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    SA Nutrition Clinic Fees

    Nutrition Doctor’s (MD) appointment (60 min) 

    100,00 €

    Nutrition Doctor’s (MD) recurring appointment (30 min)

    50,00 €

    Nutrition Doctor’s (MD) short consultation

    25,00 €

    Nutritionist’s appointment (90 min)

    89,00 €

    Nutritionist’s appointment (60 min)

    65,00 €

    Nutritionist’s short consultation

    19,00 €

    Diabetes related health and nutrition counseling (60 min)

    100,00 €

    Fertility related health and nutrition counseling (60 min)

    100,00 €

    Health athlete counseling (60 min)

    100,00 €

    Active lifestyle-oriented health and nutrition counseling (90 / 60 min)

    89,00 – 65,00 €

    Plant-Based Nutrition Counseling (90 / 60 min)

    89,00 – 65,00 €

    Micro- and macronutrient menu analysis

    65,00 €

    Body composition and metabolic age analysis (15 min)

    25,00 €

    SA Nutrition Clinic Staff

    Eliis Salm

    Nutritionist, health coach

    Dr. Kristel Ehala-Aleksejev

    Nutritional Therapist, MD, PhD