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Here are the services, fees, and staff of our SA Mental Health Center.

Today’s individuals and families face a growing number of challenges: troubled relationships, blended families, grief, parenting children and adolescents or domestic violence. For some, serious mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and others require professional help.

SA Mental Health Center Services & Fees

Family counseling is a multi-session process that generally involves all family members living together. If necessary, work with different family members is done individually. Sometimes other family members closely related to the family (such as grandparents) are also involved in counseling. The number of sessions is agreed with the family according to the concern or topic.

The focus of family counseling is on communication between family members and the quality of relationships. The various development crises of the family are also discussed and solutions to cope with them are sought together. Family counseling can result in, for example, an improvement in the family’s ability to cope, an increase in mutual understanding, the sharing and receiving emotional support between family members, and an improvement in problem-solving skills.

Family counseling is an effective method of intervention in problem areas such as:

  • psychosomatic problems
  • mental health problems in children and adolescents
  • relationship problems
  • family life cycle and developmental crises
  • lack of parental skills
  • school problems
  • work-related issues

The first appointment with the family usually last 90 minutes. For further work, the usual session length is 60 minutes.



Psychologist-family counselor reception (60 min)

65,00 €

Psychologist-family counselor reception (90 min)

80,00 €

A psychotherapist is a mental health professional who has completed long-term in-depth training at a recognized psychotherapy school.

Psychotherapy is a multi-session process. The number of sessions is agreed with the person according to the concern, complaint or topic.

The process of psychotherapy is suitable for both the alleviation and treatment of mental health problems; such as depression, anxiety, anxiety, panic, insomnia, stress, attention, concentration, and mood problems, general fatigue, burnout, or post-traumatic stress disorder, and so on.

Psychotherapy can also be attended by people in good mental health who are experiencing temporary difficulties in life or want to make more satisfying choices in their relationships.

The sessions focus on exploring and understanding a person’s existing patterns of behavior and thinking, and then discovering and learning about new possibilities.



Psychotherapist appointment (60 min)

60,00 €

Psychotherapist appointment (90 min)

75,00 €

Child and adolescent psychotherapy is intended for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age.

Every parent wants the best for their child. If you need help or advice for a child, a parent or their relationship, you should see a psychotherapist.

At the first appointment, we recommend that the parent or parents of a child under the age of 13 (a child who has not yet entered adolescence) see a psychotherapist without a child. At the first meeting between the parent and the therapist, a further plan is made where the best way to solve or intervene in the problem or bring about change is to take into account the child’s situation and condition.

We recommend contacting if:

  • the parent has concerns about the child’s livelihood in kindergarten, school, or relationships with peers
  • noticeable changes in the child’s:
    • behavior (the child constantly repeats a certain activity that raises questions for bystanders, gives up pleasant activities, isolates himself, is ashamed, etc.)
    • mood (anxiety, panic attacks, low mood)
    • eating
    • sleep mode
  • traumatic situation that the child has seen or experienced (traffic accident, fire, serious illness and / or loss of a loved one, etc.)
  • disturbing or stressful situation that the child has experienced (moving, divorce, hospitalization, other life changes)
  • blended family problems
  • stress-related worries
  • health complaints without a medical reason
  • abdominal pain
  • headaches
  • tiredness

Psychotherapy is also recommended for the following diagnoses:

  • depression
  • anxiety disorder
  • obtaining a life-altering diagnosis, such as diabetes

The reason for coming to the appointment does not always have to be something very difficult, as parents sometimes expect. In fact, it’s worth asking for advice as soon as something worries you as a parent.



Psychotherapist’s appointment (30 min)

40,00 €

Psychotherapist’s appointment (60 min)

60,00 €

Psychotherapist’s appointment (90 min)

75,00 €

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