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Here are the services, fees, and staff of our SA Health Studio.

In the clinic we will quickly help diagnose the reason for the trauma or complaint and help with the recovery from sports injuries and post-operation conditions.

Patients can continue with their treatment plan excercises in Tondi training gym with the help of our physiotherapist. Our personal trainers will help start or continue with training and a healthy way of life.

We can help people of all ages with professional advice.

SA Health Studio Services

Quick and effective approach to trauma recovery.


  • for patients who did not consider it necessary to go to the ER but wish to have a professional assessment to their trauma and recommendations for rehabilitation


  • for patients who have visited the ER and need professional advice for post-trauma rehabilitation

We offer:

  • Physiotherapist appointments within 1-3 working days
  • First cold compression treatment session to quickly restrict the inflammation reaction from trauma
  • Professional and effective rehabilitation plans, which help to recover from the trauma

Appointment price is 70 euros

Extra services:

  • MRI, X-ray, ultrasound imaging
  • If necessary, a consult by an orthopedist and and operative treatment plan within 7 days
  • Magnet, laser and ultrasound treatments for post-op recovery, or GameReady cold compression treatment
  • Therapeutic exercises

Collection of patient anamnesis, assessment of the general state of patient health based on symptoms, tests, manual and functional treatment. Radiodiagnostics and further physiotherapeutic intervention or physical treatment.

Supplemental specialist consultation, analyses and if necessary, composition of excercises.

Duration: 45-60 min

Assessment of patient condition, correction of further treatment plans, further analyses.

Duration: 30-45 min

A short consultation is a good opportunity to quickly ask questions that have risen during treatment or correct treatment and exercises due to the emergence of new symptoms.

Duration: 20-30 min

Our physiotherapist teaches the patient suitable exercises to solve their health problems, monitors the therapy process and if necessary, makes adjustments to the treatment plan and exercises, assesses the results of the therapy process and gives further recommendations to alleviate or prevent further health issues.

Many exercises are performed using the patient’s own body weight. The goal of these exercises is to improve the function, which also increases the patient’s ability to perform the exercises.

To progress, additional weights, rubber tapes, balls, foam rolls may be used. Emphasis is based on the correct performance of exercises, and patients are taught to use the correct muscles to perform the exercises.

Duration: 45 min

Continued program of therapeutic exercises, in order to optimize the physio’s time. Selection of exercises based on the similar nature of health problems of 3-5 patients.

Many exercises are performed using the patient’s own body weight.

To progress, additional weights, rubber tapes, balls, foam rolls may be used. Emphasis is based on the correct performance of exercises, and patients are taught to use the correct muscles to perform the exercises.

Duration: 45 min

Price for each participant: 50 €

Physiotherapy involving machines is a part of the rehabilitation process using different electrical machines to affect the illness.

We offer the following procedures:

  • laser treatment
  • electromagnetic treatment
  • ultra-short wave treatment

Procedures generally have the following effects: relieve pain, improve blood supply, reduce swelling and inflammation.

They are used for very different illnesses such as acute inflammation, muscle and joint problems, post traumatic conditions, nerve illnesses, etc. The length of the procedure is determined by the physiotherapist based on the nature of the problem.

Procedures are not recommended with fever, tumors, pacemakers, bleeding, pregnancy.


Duration of the procedure: 10 min

Cold-compression treatment helps quicken the recovery time from injuries. Local cold treatment is supplemented by compression treatment, which is excellent for reducing swelling and pain (joint, back, etc.) both post trauma and operation.

Duration of the procedure: 10 – 30 minutes

Massage has a balancing effect on the mind and the body, which influences the organism on several levels. Massage aids metabolism, speeds up the recovery of muscles and removal of waste products from cells, alleviates pain, improves sleep and the immune system, just to name a few physiological effects from the long list of positive effects.

The masseuse, Katrin Essenson, has a creative approach to the work of a therapist, combining her skills and knowledge from both western and eastern massage practices based on the individual requests (or problems) that require solving. Every massage type has its own specifics and methods, which when purposefully applied help improve the health of the client.

The duration of the service depends on the wishes of the client. During this time, the masseuse offers the best solutions based on the client’s requests and health issues.

Duration: 30 min = 30€ (regardless of the type of massage)

Massage therapies

General massage

General massage or Swedish massage or classical massage is one of the most common types of massages and its goal is to improve the musculosceletal system. General massage first and foremost activates the blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces muscle tension, strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. In the long term, the elasticity of tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue is improved, as well as intestinal peristalsis. Massage also has a relaxing effect in case of mental and physical overloads and it has a direct and indirect effect on the organism through nerve receptors in the skin which are tied to the central nervous system.

General massage is performed on a specialized massage table, and oil is usually used. Based on the client’s wishes or needs the whole body is massaged, or it is focused on a particular problematic part of the body (e.g. back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, etc).


  • inflammatory diseases (e.g. fever – massage exacerbates fever);
  • any tumors or doubts of one;
  • severe traumas (broken bones, concussions, lacerations);
  • acute heart failure, acute renal failure, acute liver failure;
  • thyroid gland related diseases;
  • open and purulent wounds, venous inflammations, bleeding;
  • danger of thrombosis or embolisms;
  • some skin conditions;
  • threat of miscarriage;
  • intoxication, affective mental conditions (neurasthenia, severe stress)

Segment massage

Segment massage is a therapeutic massage with the goal of balancing the function of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It is a softer or less painful way of affecting tense muscles and adjusting the organism’s function.

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a mild massage aimed at the stimulation of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage helps to reduce swelling, expel waste from the organism and increases immunity.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a part of the training system, and its goal is to perfect the physical state of the athlete. Sports massage is effective for both in preparation for competitions as well as combating fatigue. Sports massage is comprised of a complex of special holds which increase sporting abilities, prepare the athlete for active muscle work and accelerate recovery processes.

Aroma therapy

Aroma therapy is a therapeutic massage performed with ethereal oils, which balances the function of different organs and supports the physical and psychological self-healing of the body. Works well for alleviating stress, mental and physical overload. The ethereal oils are chosen based on the client’s condition to best support healing.

Aroma massage:

  • stimulates the organism’s ability to heal itself
  • removes dead cells from the skin
  • alleviates muscle tension
  • strong effect on the psyche
  • calming effect in case of anxiety and high heart rate
  • removes waste from the organism
  • natural antidepressant
  • has a pain alleviating effect
  • enhances mood
  • quickens metabolism
  • improves blood and lymphatic circulation

Aroma massage indications:

  • stress
  • reduction of skin elasticity 
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • cellulite
  • pulmonary illnesses
  • musculoskeletal system functional problems
  • gynecological problems
  • blood flow problems
  • sleep disorders


  • citrus oils are not to be used before tanning
  • pregnancy
  • post-operation or post-trauma states (at least 3 months should have passed, depending on the trauma)
  • serious thyroid illnesses
  • serious psychic diseases
  • intoxication
  • allergies
  • cancer
  • hemophilia
  • infections
  • heart disease
  • 2 days after vaccinations
  • asthma attacks
  • antibiotics, antidepressants
  • painful menstruation
  • inflammation, fever, broken bones, swelling

Thai massage

Thai massage improves the elasticity of muscles, movement of joints and relieves mental tension. Strong pressure and stretches are used to free blocked energies and balance the cooperation of the soul, body, thoughts and feelings. This massage is considered in the western culture to be the “lazy man’s yoga” because the techniques are combined with breathing rhythms and it is important to perform them finding a stress-free effort state.

Best known physiological effects of Thai massage:

  • preserving and correcting posture; improving body sensation
  • activating blood and lymphatic circulation
  • reducing and preventing muscle tension, improving and maintaining  joint movement
  • stimulating the work of internal organs
  • restoring and maintaining efficiency, reducing and preventing stress, restoring and maintaining peace of mind.

A session typically lasts 1 or 1.5 hours and you should wear training clothes and socks which are body friendly and do not restrict movement.

Thai reflexology foot massage

Thai reflexology foot massage is a therapy based on the stimulation of certain points on the foot in order to improve the well-being of the whole body. An hour-long session starts with a soaking of the feet in warm water. This is followed by a spot massage with a special teak wood peg. The therapy focuses on reflexological points on the toes and under the foot, which are connected to the whole body. Thai foot massage is based on the presumption that these points located on the feet can be stimulated to positively affect organs, lymphs, and the nervous system all over the body. For example, massaging these points helps to alleviate headaches, fever, and intestinal problems as well as improve blood circulation and help relax and sleep.

In addition to the point massage, shin and knee massage with oil or cream is performed. Before and after the therapy, the therapist also uses stretching techniques.

Effects: massage improves the blood supply in the legs and the general work of the lymphatic system, strengthens immunity and improves the movement and flexibility of the legs reduces stress and helps to relax.

Not recommended for people with varicose veins or pregnant women.


Shiatsu is a healing and prophylactic form of therapy, similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, the masseuse uses fingers and palms. Shiatsu is one of the better known Japanese therapies is actually derived from traditional Chinese medicine. Shiatsu has been described as “the art of the attentive touch” which helps bring harmony between the body and the mind. The therapy takes place on a mat in a meditative relaxing atmosphere.

Shiatsu therapy stimulates the body’s self-healing ability, which improves the organism’s vitality. If the flow of Ki or Qi (life energy) through the meridians is smooth, the person is healthy. During the course of therapy, moving through the body’s bioactive points, blocked energies in the meridians’ channels are released and the ailments subside.

Shiatsu therapy helps treat many health problems such as stress, fatigue, insomnia, metabolic disorders, back, neck and headaches, muscle tensions, joint problems and many others. Consistent shiatsu therapy not only reduces the symptoms of these problems, but also has a prophylactic effect on the health. Accoring to western medicine, shiatsu calms the autonomous nervous system, which reduces stress and increases stress tolerance. Blood and lymphatic circulation is also improved, as well as muscle tonicity and internal organ functions, and the immune system is strengthened.

A session typically lasts 1 or 1.5 hours and you should wear training clothes and socks which are body friendly and do not restrict movement.

In the Health Studio Training Gym, it is possible to start with exercises from the treatment plan and then continue to lead a healthy life with the help of personal trainers or individually. Our Health Studio Training Gym personal trainer Eric Brauer and their colleagues teach and motivate people to train and lose weight in a sustainable process, without setbacks and within norms.

Our personal trainers have developed over 15 years a staged system, which teaches and helps people to choose a fitting eating and training regimen, depending on age, body dispositions, work schedule and health condition.

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    Post-trauma quick diagnostics and immediate rehabilitation

    70,00 €

    Initial physiotherapist appointment  (45-60 min)

    60,00 €

    Further physiotherapist appointment  (30-45 min)

    50,00 €

    Physiotherapist consultation  (20-30 min)

    30,00 €

    Kinesio Taping (small)

    10,00 €

    Kinesio Taping (large)

    15,00 €

    Laser treatment

    7,00 €

    Electromagnetic treatment

    7,00 €

    Ultrasound treatment

    8,00 €

    GameReady cold compression treatment (10 min)

    10,00 €

    GameReady cold compression treatment (30 min)

    15,00 €

    Massage Therapy, regardless of the type of massage (30 min)

    30,00 €

    Preventive and therapeutic exercise therapy (individual)

    70,00 €

    Preventive and therapeutic exercise therapy (group)

    50,00 €

    X-ray (one view)

    20,00 €

    X-ray (two views)

    28,00 €

    Soft tissue ultrasound scan in one area

    35,00 €

    Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging in one area

    35,00 €

    Analysis (CRP; clinical blood panel)

    10,00 €

    Removing stitches, sutures or staples (small)

    10,00 €

    Removing stitches, sutures and staples (large)

    20,00 €

    Wound dressing (small)

    10,00 €

    Wound dressing (large)

    20,00 €


    10,00 €

    Inital consultation

    60,00 €

    Personal training

    50,00 €

    Monthly membership fee for the gym

    75,00 €


    Eric Brauer

    Personal Trainer

    Maarit Sarjas

    Personal Trainer

    Martin Vahimets


    Pirgit Lindmets

    Nurse Practitioner / Maternity leave