SA Health Studio


Here are the services, fees, and staff of our SA Health Studio.

In the clinic we will quickly help diagnose the reason for the trauma or complaint and help with the recovery from sports injuries and post-operation conditions.

Patients can continue with their treatment plan excercises in Tondi training gym with the help of our physiotherapist. Our personal trainers will help start or continue with training and a healthy way of life.

We can help people of all ages with professional advice.

SA Health Studio Services

Quick and effective approach to trauma recovery.


  • for patients who did not consider it necessary to go to the ER but wish to have a professional assessment to their trauma and recommendations for rehabilitation


  • for patients who have visited the ER and need professional advice for post-trauma rehabilitation

We offer:

  • Physiotherapist appointments within 1-3 working days
  • First cold compression treatment session to quickly restrict the inflammation reaction from trauma
  • Professional and effective rehabilitation plans, which help to recover from the trauma

Appointment price is 70 euros

Extra services:

  • MRI, X-ray, ultrasound imaging
  • If necessary, a consult by an orthopedist and and operative treatment plan within 7 days
  • Magnet, laser and ultrasound treatments for post-op recovery, or GameReady cold compression treatment
  • Therapeutic exercises

Collection of patient anamnesis, assessment of the general state of patient health based on symptoms, tests, manual and functional treatment. Radiodiagnostics and further physiotherapeutic intervention or physical treatment.

Supplemental specialist consultation, analyses and if necessary, composition of excercises.

Duration: 45-60 min

Assessment of patient condition, correction of further treatment plans, further analyses.

Duration: 30-45 min

A short consultation is a good opportunity to quickly ask questions that have risen during treatment or correct treatment and exercises due to the emergence of new symptoms.

Duration: 20-30 min

Our physiotherapist teaches the patient suitable exercises to solve their health problems, monitors the therapy process and if necessary, makes adjustments to the treatment plan and exercises, assesses the results of the therapy process and gives further recommendations to alleviate or prevent further health issues.

Many exercises are performed using the patient’s own body weight. The goal of these exercises is to improve the function, which also increases the patient’s ability to perform the exercises.

To progress, additional weights, rubber tapes, balls, foam rolls may be used. Emphasis is based on the correct performance of exercises, and patients are taught to use the correct muscles to perform the exercises.

Duration: 45 min

Continued program of therapeutic exercises, in order to optimize the physio’s time. Selection of exercises based on the similar nature of health problems of 3-5 patients.

Many exercises are performed using the patient’s own body weight.

To progress, additional weights, rubber tapes, balls, foam rolls may be used. Emphasis is based on the correct performance of exercises, and patients are taught to use the correct muscles to perform the exercises.

Duration: 45 min

Price for each participant: 50 €

Physiotherapy involving machines is a part of the rehabilitation process using different electrical machines to affect the illness.

We offer the following procedures:

  • laser treatment
  • electromagnetic treatment
  • ultra-short wave treatment

Procedures generally have the following effects: relieve pain, improve blood supply, reduce swelling and inflammation.

They are used for very different illnesses such as acute inflammation, muscle and joint problems, post traumatic conditions, nerve illnesses, etc. The length of the procedure is determined by the physiotherapist based on the nature of the problem.

Procedures are not recommended with fever, tumors, pacemakers, bleeding, pregnancy.


Duration of the procedure: 10 min

Cold-compression treatment helps quicken the recovery time from injuries. Local cold treatment is supplemented by compression treatment, which is excellent for reducing swelling and pain (joint, back, etc.) both post trauma and operation.

Duration of the procedure: 10 – 30 minutes

In the Health Studio Training Gym, it is possible to start with exercises from the treatment plan and then continue to lead a healthy life with the help of personal trainers or individually. Our Health Studio Training Gym personal trainer Eric Brauer and their colleagues teach and motivate people to train and lose weight in a sustainable process, without setbacks and within norms.

Our personal trainers have developed over 15 years a staged system, which teaches and helps people to choose a fitting eating and training regimen, depending on age, body dispositions, work schedule and health condition.

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SA Health Studio is located in our City Center Clinic at Tallinn, Narva mnt 7, 1st stairway, 3. floor

Call us 7151 701 / Contact us / Mobile phone +372 5399 7753


SA Health Studio Tondi Training Gym is located in Tere Tennis Center, Sõjakooli 10.

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Mobile phone +372 50 61 207 (Eric Brauer)


    Post-trauma quick diagnostics and immediate rehabilitation

    70,00 €

    Initial physiotherapist appointment  (45-60 min)

    60,00 €

    Further physiotherapist appointment  (30-45 min)

    50,00 €

    Physiotherapist consultation  (20-30 min)

    30,00 €

    Kinesio Taping (small)

    10,00 €

    Kinesio Taping (large)

    15,00 €

    Laser treatment

    7,00 €

    Electromagnetic treatment

    7,00 €

    Ultrasound treatment

    8,00 €

    GameReady cold compression treatment (10 min)

    10,00 €

    GameReady cold compression treatment (30 min)

    15,00 €

    Preventive and therapeutic exercise therapy (individual)

    70,00 €

    Preventive and therapeutic exercise therapy (group)

    50,00 €

    X-ray (one view)

    20,00 €

    X-ray (two views)

    28,00 €

    Soft tissue ultrasound scan in one area

    35,00 €

    Musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging in one area

    35,00 €

    Analysis (CRP; clinical blood panel)

    10,00 €

    Removing stitches, sutures or staples (small)

    10,00 €

    Removing stitches, sutures and staples (large)

    20,00 €

    Wound dressing (small)

    10,00 €

    Wound dressing (large)

    20,00 €


    10,00 €

    Inital consultation

    60,00 €

    Personal training

    50,00 €

    Monthly membership fee for the gym

    75,00 €


    Eric Brauer

    Personal Trainer

    Maarit Sarjas

    Personal Trainer

    Martin Vahimets


    Pirgit Lindmets

    Nurse Practitioner