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Here are the services, fees, and staff of our Children’s Center.

We believe that the well-being of your children is paramount in achieving happiness in your family. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of mental and physical health and support the whole family with skills in preventing diseases.

We are happy to carry out well-child checkups and provide the full range of childhood immunization, including those not widely available.
We understand that when your child is unwell it can be a worrying time, and we will always endeavour to see children as soon as possible – you can be sure of getting a same day appointment
We offer several therapies and intergrated services to support the physical and mental well-being of the child.

The Children’s Center is a quiet, comfortable and family friendly enviroment with its own play area. There are nappy changing facilities and a quiet place for breastfeeding.

SA Children's Centers Services

Well-child checkups, where infants and babies come for periodic and preventive health check-ups. This is a zone with its own play area, where we ask that you do not bring children who are sick or you suspect are sick, in order to stop the spread of illnesses to other children. In case you have an appointment for a check-up, but your child has fallen ill, we ask that you inform us by email or telephone immediately. We will then find a solution, for example scheduling the visit to take place in another room or adult area, or consulting on the phone. We also ask that you do not bring along sick siblings to the appointments.

We ask that you respect these suggestions in order to protect healthy children.

Health check-ups monitor children’s development, height, weight, hearing, eyesight and speech. Additionally, we help shape healthy nutritional and activity habits for the children and offer advice regarding any other medical questions you may have. We also do vaccinations to prevent contagious diseases.

Duration: 30 minutes, but in case you need a longer appointment, please book several time slots.

What to do if your child has fallen ill or suffered a mild trauma or injury?

In case of a viral infection, we recommend simple home treatment methods, natural remedies, and a supportive healing environment. If the mother or father is not sure whether the child needs more than that, you are welcome to come to get a consultation with the sick child. We offer short consultations to help families who require advice or who just want to be certain that everything is well. Our experienced family doctors will run quick tests and blood tests on the spot if necessary. We help determine a safe treatment tactic for all illness symptoms, from ear pain to stomach ache. We also offer reflexotherapy to help raise the immunity of your child.

In case of traumas and injuries, we will clean and dress the wound, and also offer advice for healing. If necessary, we will send the patients to get an X-ray.

When booking an appointment, be sure to mention of the child has gotten ill, then we can have the appointment away from the healthy children, i.e. on the adults’ side of our Medical Center.

Together we can protect healthy children.

There are still many mothers who wish that only a paediatrician would see their child. Even though our family doctors have over 20 years of monitoring experience with babies and infants, we can offer consults from an experienced paediatrician for children from infancy to the age of 19, if requested.

Patients, who have a complicated health issue or children’s disease, or are seeking a second opinion, are welcome, as well as those seeking insurance that their child is doing all right.

The paediatrician working in our Children’s Center has over 30 years of experience.

Child and adolescent psychotherapy is intended for children until the age of 18.
Every parent wishes the best for their child. If you need help or advice regarding any situation for the child, parent, and their relationship, we welcome you to see a psychotherapist.

For your first visit, we recommend you come without your child. During the first meeting between the parent and therapist discuss the state of the child and the best way to approach the problems in order to intervene or inflict change.

We recommend to visit a therapist if:

  • The parent is concerned about the child coping with kindergarten, school, or relationships with peers
  • The parent notices significant changes in the acting or mood of the child
  • There has been a traumatic incident seen or experienced by the child (traffic accident, fire, a severe illness, or loss of a loved one, etc.)
  • There has been a disturbing or stressful situation that the child has experienced (moving house, divorce, being in a hospital, other life changes)
  • There are issues with blended family

Your reason to consult a therapist should not only include the worst behavior/outcome cases, rather it is advisable to ask for advice even if it is something minor or you have a feeling you are ill-equipped to handle the situation.

First visit: 90 minutes
Recurring visit: 60 minutes

Massage has a lot of benefits for the baby: massage supports the physical development of the baby, stimulates his blood circulation and central nervous system. The feeling of touch increases the happiness hormone (oxytocin) levels and reduces the stress hormone (cortisol) amount. Massage also positively affects the baby’s sleep quality and reduces the irritability of the baby. Studies show that massage also increases weight gain in babies.

Babies from 2.5 months of age are invited to participate. Consult a doctor or therapist for younger babies

When coming for a massage:

  • If possible, please come to the massage appointment with a rested and fed baby. It is not recommended to feed the baby immediately prior to the massage, rather, an hour should have passed since the last feeding.
  • If the baby has been recently vaccinated, please do not book a massage until 3 days have passed from the vaccination.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Reflexology can help healthy babies with colic pains, sleeping problems, irritability or signs of stress. It also improves metabolism and activates hormone and enzyme production, and also positively affects mood.

For post-acute-illness babies we also recommend reflexology, because it helps the baby relax, strengthens his immune system and activates the blood flow, removing waste from the body. Please inform the reception when booking a reflexology time for your sick baby, so that we may book a different room from the healthy babies.

Duration: 30 minutes

Individual development activities. Goal-oriented development activities based on individual needs (passive and active exercises, functional stances and activities). One of the main goals of infant and baby physiotherapy is supporting the development of motion and motor skills. The stages of development in infancy such as rolling and crawling are the basis for the future development of the child: proper motion patterns and uniform tonicity of the body ensure that your child will develop into a healthy toddler. Studies show that a baby who does not learn to crawl will not develop strong back muscles and this can lead to back pain later in life. Why not give your child good muscle tonus for life? Good collaboration with the parent and the involvement of the parent in therapy creates optimal conditions for the success of the therapy: we talk, advise, and teach the mother and father to make a maximum contribution to the development of the child.

Duration: 30 minutes

Sleep Consultations

If your child is a bit older or you feel they have a sleep problem that doesn’t fit in the framework of one of the packages (e.g. school stress, new sibling, nightmares, etc) I look forward to seeing you at the clinic for a consultation. 

Duration: 60 min

The first consultation (90 min) takes place in our clinic (or, if desired, via video call), where the child’s sleep questionnaire, all possible problems and the wishes and expectations of the family are discussed. After the meeting, a detailed sleep plan is prepared, which is created just for your child.

The next day there is another consultation (60 min) to discuss the experiences, successes and challenges of the first night. We can consolidate the methods, change something if necessary. This is usually the most important meeting, as parents have a lot of impressions and questions after the first night.

On the third day, there is a phone call (up to 60 minutes) to share tips for continuing the sleep training and to consolidate what has already been learned.

About a week later, another short call will take place to see if everything is still going well and on schedule.

If you do not have the desire or opportunity to come to the clinic with your baby or you are just a little exhausted, then this package is a good opportunity to invite a sleep consaltant for a home visit.

In essence, everything is the same as in the package 1. 

There are three consultations in total – the first (120 min) and the second (60 min) take place in your home and the last one (up to 60 min) by phone.

This package provides a good opportunity to review all the conditions created for the child’s sleep at home, and the sleep consultant can share the best recommendations for changes if necessary.

Of course, as part of the package, you will receive a detailed sleep plan created just for your child. 

About a week later, another short call will take place to see if everything is still going well and on schedule.

The first few nights of sleep training can be emotionally and practically difficult for everyone. As part of this package, the sleep consaltant can advise you on site at home and support you on how to deal with different situations during baby’s sleep training.

First, the consultation takes place over the phone (30 min), during which the details of the cooperation are discussed and set up, and the sleep counselor also answers all your questions.

Of course, the package includes a detailed sleep plan created just for your child.

  Day 1 – night visit 18.00-8.00

  Day 2 – evening visit 18.00-22.00

  Day 3 – consultation by phone (up to 60 min)

About a week later, another short call will take place to see if everything is still going well and on schedule.

NB! We offer this package only in limited quantities in one month. Ask for more information at


Please contact us and ask for more information.

SA Children’s Center is located in our Veerenni Clinic, at Veerenni 53A  (4th floor).

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Sleep Consultations are located in our City Central Clinic at Tallinn, Narva Road 7, 1st stairway, 3rd floor

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Mobile phone: +372 54511001

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    SA Children’s Center Fees

    General Practitioner’s appointment

    60,00 €

    General Practitioner’s consultation

    30,00 €

    Registered Nurse’s appointment

    20,00 €

    Registered Nurse’s consultation

    10,00 €

    Paediatrician’s appointment

    60,00 €

    Child and adolescent psychotherapy, initial session (90 min) 

    75,00 €

    Child and adolescent psychotherapy, follow-up session (60 min) 

    60,00 €

    Baby massage

    25,00 €

    Reflexology for babies

    25,00 €

    Physiotherapy for baby or toddler

    30,00 €

    Sleep Consultant’s Consultation (60 min)

    80,00 €

    Sleep Consultant’s Consultation (30 min)

    40,00 €

    Good Sleep package 1 (consultations at the clinic)

    250,00 €

    Good Sleep package 2 (home visits)

    330,00 €

    Good Sleep package 3 (night consultations)

    690,00 €


    A strong team working for your children’s health

    Dr. Anneli Talvik

    General Practitioner, PhD / Manager

    Merit Lage


    Kaie Kutsar

    Midwife / Massage Therapist / Swimming instructor / Maternity leave

    Katrin Nigul

    Sleep Consultant (children)

    Dr. Kristi Otsmaa

    General Practitioner

    Liisi Juhe

    Nurse Practitioner / Maternity leave

    Aire Ilumäe

    Massage Therapist / Swimming instructor

    Elisa Arus

    Massage Therapist / Swimming instructor

    Dr. Olga Horeniuk

    General Practitioner

    Eneli Liivamäe

    Nurse Practitioner

    Ülle Tiganik

    Nurse Practitioner

    Dr. Karin Uibo


    Kertu Person

    Therapist/ Baby Massage Therapist / Swimming instructor

    Anna Pahhatajeva

    Nurse Practitioner