About us

Sinu Arst Medical Clinic was founded as a private practice in 1996 with the goal of offering better health care for the demanding patient. Since 1998 Sinu Arst has offered national family doctor services. Our many years of experience has provided with the conviction that the patient makes their own health decisions and also carries them out. Our team can support, advise, motivate, and when needed, diagnose and treat illnesses.

We are pioneering a new way of thinking: living a healthy life is a long journey, where people can do everything essential themselves, given the right guidance. We can also be a valuable contributor for people who do not wish to be dependent on doctors and drugs, but wish to be healthier.

SA it is like YOU: just every human being is the most important key to their health.

A healthy and complete lifestyle is a combination of nutrition, activity, and a good attitude, as well as self-respect and sensible health behavior. Only then is it possible to manage small mistakes as well as larger setbacks to stay on the right track. All of this can be learned!

The body is a structural and functional whole: aging is unavoidable, but can be enjoyable if done right. Pain and illness must not be accepted as inevitable, their causes can be dealt with. This means taking action, and it is much easier done with companions than alone. We know this and have built our team to work as a unit for both traditional and more complex solutions.

Living healthy is a journey, and we are available to help you.

Welcome to Sinu Arst Terviseteenused.

Our centers and services

We are are ready to help you in two locations:

  • Sinu Arst (SA) City Center Clinic is located at Narva Road 7,  1st stairway, 3rd floor
  • Sinu Arst (SA) Veerenni Center is located at Veerenni 53A, 4th floor.


At SA Private GP Office we offer personal family doctor’s appointments for a fee, run analyses, tests, and offer advice in case of medical problems. We are open to all age groups, starting with newborns. Our wait times to see a doctor are short.

At SA Children’s Center we advise and support children starting from birth. We can help with the initial diagnosis and treatment of most illnesses. In addition, we offer several developmental and supportive services, which help children stay healthy through the most important stages of their lives.

SA Baby Spa offers post-birth swimming for newborns and infants.

SA Health Studio offers assistance with recovery from sports injuries and post-operation conditions. We also give guidance on starting training regimens and leading a healthy lifestyle. We provide professional advice for all ages.

SA Nutrition Clinic offers nutritional advice for people with medical conditions, as well as physiology-based advice for the healthy.

SA Yumeiho Center provides therapy for different pain conditions and posture problems.

SA Mental Health Center provides assessment and recommendations for subsequent treatment for a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties.

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